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SodaStream Machines
Sodastream Source
  • SodaStream Source
  • Beautiful design
  • No need to screw in the bottle; it just clips right in!
SodaStream Fizzi
  • SodaStream Fizzi
  • Bottle easily clips right in
  • Comes with new sleek bottle
SodaStream Jet
  • SodaStream Jet
  • Can accommodate 60L or 130L size carbonators
  • Carbonates water in seconds
SodaStream Carbonators
  • Carbonator Exchanges
  • We exchange your CO2 cannisters
  • Or purchase a spare so you never run out of gas
  • Available in 60L and 130L sizes
Soda Flavors & Accessories
SodaStream flavors
  • SodaStream Flavors
  • A variety of flavor and styles
  • Make classic or diet sodas
PokPok Drinking Vinegar
  • PokPok Som Drinking Vinegar
  • Sweetened, flavored vinegar to add to seltzer
  • Makes a great cocktail mixer too
Pickett's Ginger Syrup
  • Pickett's Ginger Syrup
  • Make delicious ginger beer at home
  • Available in Medium and Extra Spicy varieties
Fruitations Soda Mixes
  • Fruitations Soda Mixers
  • Made from just fruit, water, and sugar
  • Perfect for sodas and cocktails
Tramontina Frypans
  • SodaStream Acessories
  • We carry plastic bottles and extra
    caps so you're never without seltzer!